Monday Club

As stated on the HOME page, the Monday Club, comprising the Monday Strollers and the Roamers by Bus, offers a choice of two easy, leisurely walks of approximately 3-5 miles in length each Monday. These walks are ideal for those who are new to walking or are recovering from a recent illness.

The Monday Strollers arrange fairly local morning walks, whereas the Roamers by Bus travel a little further afield using buses (and sometimes the train) to get to and from the start and finish of their walk.

You will find previous programmes of walks enjoyed by the two Monday Club groups on the ARCHIVE page of the website. The current weekly programme is displayed on the PROGRAMME page.

If you would like to try out one of the walks offered by the Monday Club then please contact one of the following members in the first instance.

Eileen Beaumont: 07837 157175 (Monday Strollers)
Mary Jones: 07812 034370 (Monday Strollers)
Janice Evans: 07967 967411 (Roamers by Bus)
David Hughes: 07591 170897 (Roamers by Bus)